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Pedal Steel Guitar

Emmons push/pull pedal steel guitar currently owned by HOF member Nigel Mullin.

ivan 1st fiddle.jpg

Fiddle - Ivan Hicks

The original fiddle that Ivan Hicks learned to play on.   A 1/2 size purchased by his dad, Hall of Famer Curtis Hicks.


Korg electronic tuner

Seventies Korg electronic tuner currently owned by HOF member Nigel Mullin


Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

Early reel to reel tape recorder, currently owned by HOF member Nigel Mullin.


Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

Silvertone recorder purchased by Curtis Hicks for his son Ivan Hicks.    Used by Ivan with the Golden Valley Boys in the mid-1950's to record radio shows for stations CJRW Summerside, CFCY Charlottetown,  CKDH Amherst, CKCL Truro and CHSJ Saint John.


East Coast Music Award 

East Coast Music Awards - Volunteer of the Year 2002.  Awarded to Ivan and Vivian Hicks. 

iv doc chickie.jpg

Ivan & Vivian Hicks with Doc & Chickie Williams

Honourary Hall of Famers, the legendary Doc and Chickie Williams were joined on tour by Ivan and Vivian Hicks.




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