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Inductees:  2006


Ted Daigle

Born in Jacquet River, NB, in 1937, Ted Daigle has enjoyed successful careers on the Canadian music scene as a recording artist/performer and Radio Personality, Music Director and Program Director.


Ted Daigle's radio career began at CKBC in Bathurst, NB in 1956. After stints at CJLX in Thunder Bay and CFGM in Toronto, Ted settled in at CKOY and CKBY in Ottawa, where he founded (1972) the first full-time country radio station in the nation's capital. His tenure at CKBY for 24 years included the introduction of many special projects benefiting Canadian country music artists and the music industry, as well as the community at large.


His relentless effort to promote country music in Canada has made Ted Daigle one of the nation's most honored braodcasters:

Program Director of the Year Music

Director of the Year

Deejay of the Year

Radio Station of the Year

Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame


In his dual role as both a performer (numerous albums, charted singles)and a radio personality, Ted Daigle has interviewed and shared the stage with most of country music's legendary artists, many of whom credit Ted Daigle for their own early career radio success.




Derek Knowles

Derek Knowles was born in Bathurst in 1948. He has had a long musical career beginning at the age of 14 when he acquired his first guitar.


He is a singer/songwriter, and sang and played with a group called "The Second Generation" while attending technical school in Moncton, which appeared on television. The most prominent appeareance was a half hour Christmas special in 1968.


Derek has been part of different country bands since and performed in clubs around NB and on radio shows. He composed both the words and music to "City By the Bay" for the 1973 Bathurst Summer Festival and won the NB Amateur 1979 Country & Western Fest.


For several years he was the organizer of Hospitality Day Country Hoedown. He also plays for dances and various organizations around Bathrust.


Derek gives of his time performing for charity fundraisers, senior groups and residences




Francis Rooney

Francis Rooney grew up on Manawagonish Road in Lancaster, NB.  Fran received his first Rickenbacker steel guitar form his father Gerry Rooney at 13 years of age.


In 1950, Ned Landry contacted Fran to pay at the Empire Theatre which resulted in a 4 to 4:30pm Saturday afternoon program. He also played a radio program with Art Marr, Vance Patterson and Allison Inch. In the early 60's he was a member of the Maritime Farmers Television Show. He had a comedy act with his brother Gerard called "String Bean". He has been a member of several bands, i.e., "Speed Gory", "Jimmy Lee's Band", "Art Marr Country Jamboree", "Helen Rioux and the Blue Boys", "The Port City Five", "The Reactions", "Apricot Brandy", "City Lights" and "West Wind".


Fran has played with several Hall of Famers, Nashville stars and many other NB artists during his career. Fran has always made himself available to repair and adjust guitars and give assistance to his fellow musicians and has put in many hours of entertaining at senior homes and benefits.


His musical career spans over 56 years and he has assisted many young musicians in learning to play Pedal Steel.




Elmer MacDonald

Elmer MacDonald was born in 1934 and lives in Miramichi City. He began at 5 years old to teach himself to play the fiddle by ear. He is also a self-taught guitar player. He played for country dances at the age of 10 and went on to play lead fiddle in school bands. Elmer formed his first band at the age of 17.


His career in music spans over 60 years. Through the years, he has played with many different groups, i.e., "Elmer MacDonald and the Valley Rhythm Boys" and the "Joe MacDonald Band". He has played with local groups for dances, exhibitions, kitchen parties, Fiddle Doos and concerts. Elmer has composed several tunes - "Birds Eye Maple Reel", "Clearwater Reel", "Winnie's Waltz", "Falling Leaves Hornpipe", "Old Homestead Jig", "Songomici Hornpipe" and one in memory of Hall of Famer, Bob Murdock, "Bob's Waltz".


Elmer promotes country music and fiddling whenever possible and helps and encourages young musicians to read music and develop their own style. His greatest pleasure now is playing for fiddlers on his Martin guitar.




Carmen Kilburn

Carmen Kilburn was born in Kingsclear in 1932. Carmen promoted country music artists for over 50 years beginning in 1936 with his mother promoting Wilf Carter and other Atlantic singer/songwritesrs.


While serving in the RCMP in Saskatoon, ON and throughout the Maritimes, he promoted Stompin' Tom and Anne Murray.


For 5 years he promoted artists on Radio CHSR heard worldwide on the Internet. During these years, no artist was ever turned away from a chance to appear on Carmen's TV or Radio Show (According with Carmen). His program won Host and Program of the Year and had listeners call from as far away as Australia, Europe, USA and across Canada requesting songs or saying they enjoyed this unique program.


Carmen released a CD to help promote local talent. Proceeds from this venture went directly to the operation of this special country radio show.


Carmen passed away on June 26, 2005.  In a newspaper article from the Daily Gleaner, it describes Carmen with a spirit that was both infectious and tireless. He will be deeply missed by family and friends and fans worldwide.







































































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