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Our History

The NBCMHF was founded by Aubrey Hanson to honour New Brunswick's great country musicians. It's purpose, the recording for history's sake of a photo and printed display of any artist in New Brunswick who has made a significant contribution to country music. From its inception in 1983 to 1995, Aubrey and his wife Faye were the key figures in the organizing of the yearly 'Gala Event' - Induction Ceremonies/Banquet/Concert.


The first Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies was held at the Sportsman Club, Exhibition Grounds, Fredericton, NB in 1983. Ed McCoy had the frames hung there. Aubrey had asked Gerry Taylor for his support and was a big boost for the Hall of Fame.


The frames were moved to the Brookville Mall Bar for awhile and from there to the Centennial Building for two weeks. For a time, Aubrey had the frames in the trunk of his car until 1987, when the Minister of Supply and Services, C.W. (Bill) Harmer secured space for the Hall of Fame frames at the Victoria Health Centre in Fredericton, NB where they are on public display.


In 1996 the NBCMHF Gala began a provincial rotation which served to heighten the visibility of the Hall and was an important and positive turning point in the support from the Hall of Fame members. Each year a Hall of Fame member is the official host of the Gala.


The event each year will include inductions of four to five new members. At least one(and up to two) of these new inductees will be deceased nominees and/or Pioneers of Country Music.


In 1996 the first NBCMHF newsletter was published. It has become a key means of communication within the Association.


The NBCMHF began a new endeavour with the launch of this website in May of 2006. Along with providing more visibility for the NBCMHF, the goal of the site is to provide a 'Virtual Hall of Fame' where people can view all the past inductees.

In 2020 the NBCMHF moved to its new home at the Fredericton Inn.   This new location allows an easily accessible and attractive presentation of all Hall of Fame frames for each year's inductees.    


Notre historique

Le NBCMHF a été fondé par Aubrey Hanson pour honorer les grands musiciens de musique country du Nouveau-Brunswick. Son but, conserver pour des fins historiques, une photo et affichage imprimé de tout artiste au Nouveau-Brunswick qui a fourni une contribution significative à la musique country. Depuis sa création en 1983 jusqu'à 1995, Aubrey et son épouse Faye étaient les personnes clés de l'organisation du gala annuel - Cérémonie d'intronisation/banquet/concert.


Les premières cérémonies d'intronisation au Temple de la renommée ont été tenues en 1983 au Club sportif du Parc des Expositions de Fredericton, NB. Ed McCoy y exhiba les cadres. Aubrey a demandé à Gerry Taylor son appui, ce qui procura un grand essor au Temple de la renommée.


Les cadres ont été déplacés pendant quelque temps au bar du mail de Brookville et de là, au "Centennial Building" pendant deux semaines. Aubrey a conservé les cadres dans la valise de sa voiture jusqu'en 1987, lorsque le ministre des approvisionnements et services, C.W. (Bill) Harmer, garantit l'espace pour les cadres du Temple de la renommée au Centre de santé Victoria de Fredericton, où ils sont à la vue du public.


En 1996, le gala du NBCMHF débute une rotation provinciale qui intensifie la visibilité du Temple et devient un tournant important et positif dans l'appui aux membres du Temple de la renommée. Chaque année, un membre du Temple de la renommée est l'hôte officiel du gala.


L'événement annuel inclura l'induction de quatre à cinq nouveaux membres. Au moins un (et jusqu'à deux) de ces nouveaux intronisés seront des candidats décédés et/ou pionniers de la musique country.


Le premier bulletin d'information de NBCMHF a été publié en 1996. Il est devenu le principal moyen de communication de l'association.


Le NBCMHF a débuté une nouvelle démarche par le lancement de ce site internet en mai 2006. Tout en offrant plus de visibilité pour le NBCMHF, le but du site est de fournir "un Temple de la renommée virtuel" où les gens voient tous les intronisés.

En 2020, la NBCMHF a déménagé dans sa nouvelle résidence au Fredericton Inn. Ce nouvel emplacement permet une présentation facilement accessible et attrayante de tous les cadres du Temple de la renommée pour les intronisés de chaque année.


Message From Honorary Chair, Faye Hanson

For many years, Aubrey Hanson had in mind the founding of a place that would honour "good old country music" and a special night to honour those from our province of New Brunswick who had played its music over the years. With the help of Ed McCoy who owned the Fredericton Sports Club at that time, Aubrey planned the first induction and dinner. The frames celebrating each inductee were to be displayed at the Sports Club.


Finally the day, July 2nd, 1983 arrived. There were many who supported the idea, and frankly, there were many who did not. Never one to be easily discouraged, Aubrey plunged on with the help of Ed and a little help from myself and arrangements were made.


That morning, Aubrey and I arrived at the Sports Club and made all the arrangements that could be made ahead of time. Finally, we finished, and after setting out the place cards on the horseshoe shaped table, we went home to rest. We did not know at that time if there would be any publicity from radio and TV. We knew that we could depend on our good friend, Gerry Taylor, of the Telegraph Journal, but other than Gerry, we weren't sure what would happen. The tickets were not yet all sold and there was some uncertainty about whether the event would draw enough of a crowd to pay for the dinner, etc. It was a long afternoon!


Finally, it was time to leave for the Sports Club; what a wonderful surprise we had when we drove in! It was a sell-out and a great success! CBC, CTV and newspaper coverage were beyond our wildest expectations and the inductees expressed the thought that this was the greatest night they had had in the entertainment business.


That was the beginning from Aubrey's and my perspective. We put a great deal into getting it going, as do those who are still working so hard to keep it going. Aubrey would have been very pleased with the way things have been kept going.


Good work all of you!


Faye Hanson,

Honorary Chair

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