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Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award can be summed up easily by saying: Every now and then there are people in our lives who deserve special recognition by the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame by way of the Pioneer Award.

The Pioneer award honors trail blazers and ground-breakers who have made a lasting contribution to Country Music in NB and the community.

The Pioneer Award may go to those who are members of the Hall of Fame or those in the general public who deserve special recognition of their contributions to Country Music.

Nominations for this award may come from Hall of Famers or from the public if they know there is someone whom they believe should be recognized for their music and efforts.

Presentations of the award may be done at concerts, other events the recipient is attending or venue appropriate for the presentation.

Opal Ellis 2018
Connie  Whalen 2018
Jamie Colpits 2019
Philip McGeehan 2019
Flora Martin 2020
Ken Rossiter 2020
Marjorie Dobson 2021


Flora Martin                                                        Marjorie Dobson
Flora Martin 7.jpg
NB Country Music Hall of Fame Gala Miramichi 2020-2021 (56).jpg