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Photo Album

Through the years we have had over three decades of Gala Events and other official Hall of Fame concert.    Plus Hall of Fame members have had a long history of their music and lots of great photos.   Here is a selection of photos from various events.

B Canam A Hanson 89.jpg
Bill Canam & Aubrey Hanson  
Allison Inch.jpg
Allison Inch
Bessie Hicks  Ivan Hicks.jpg
Al Gaugin  Duane Pond  Sonny Clark   Bob Barry   E Mitton  Ronnie Godine.jpg
Al Goguen, Duane Pond, Sonny Clark, Bob Barry, Earl Mitton, Ronnie Godine
Charlie Chamberlain.jpg
Charlie Chamberlain
Bessie Hicks (wife of Curtis,
mom of Ivan) & Ivan Hicks
A Hanson C Rogers 90.jpg
A Hanson G Hector W Carter.jpg
26 W Nightingale  D Pond A Sherwood    Diamond Trio.jpg
A Hanson Wilf Carter.jpg
Aubrey Hanson presenting Wilf Carter with Honourary Inductee Certificate
Diamond Trio - Wayne Nightingale, Duane Pond & Al Sherwood
Aubrey Hanson, George Hector & Wilf Carter
Aubrey Hanson & Curtis Rogers
Curtis Hicks.jpg
Curtis Hicks (father of Ivan)
22 I Hicks  E Mitton  R Hicks J Morrison E Morris N Landy G Cole.jpg
Ivan Hicks, Earl Mitton, Royal Hicks, Jim Morrison, Eugene Morris, Ned Landry & Gordie Cole
Earl Mitton 2.jpg
Earl Mitton
D Neilsen  C Chamberlain  D Messer.jpg
Duke Nielsen, Charlie Chamberlain & Don Messer
Don Messer.jpg
 Don Messer
george allain left.jpg
George Allain(HF), Bill Hachey, Ross Wilson
The Nashville Night Life Dinner Theatre where Hall of Famer, Brenda Best, has been a headliner since 2001.