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 Virtual Museum -  Photo Album

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Through the years we have had over three decades of Gala Events and other official Hall of Fame concert.    Plus Hall of Fame members have had a long history of their music and lots of great photos.   Here is a selection of photos from various events.

B Canam A Hanson 89.jpg
Bill Canam & Aubrey Hanson  
Allison Inch.jpg
Allison Inch
Bessie Hicks  Ivan Hicks.jpg
Al Gaugin  Duane Pond  Sonny Clark   Bob Barry   E Mitton  Ronnie Godine.jpg
Al Goguen, Duane Pond, Sonny Clark, Bob Barry, Earl Mitton, Ronnie Godine
Charlie Chamberlain.jpg
Charlie Chamberlain
Bessie Hicks (wife of Curtis,
mom of Ivan) & Ivan Hicks
A Hanson C Rogers 90.jpg
A Hanson G Hector W Carter.jpg
26 W Nightingale  D Pond A Sherwood    Diamond Trio.jpg
A Hanson Wilf Carter.jpg
Aubrey Hanson presenting Wilf Carter with Honourary Inductee Certificate
Diamond Trio - Wayne Nightingale, Duane Pond & Al Sherwood
Aubrey Hanson, George Hector & Wilf Carter
Aubrey Hanson & Curtis Rogers
Curtis Hicks.jpg
Curtis Hicks (father of Ivan)
22 I Hicks  E Mitton  R Hicks J Morrison E Morris N Landy G Cole.jpg
Ivan Hicks, Earl Mitton, Royal Hicks, Jim Morrison, Eugene Morris, Ned Landry & Gordie Cole
Earl Mitton 2.jpg
Earl Mitton
The Nashville Night Life Dinner Theatre where Hall of Famer, Brenda Best, has been a headliner since 2001.
In the beginning. Ted at CKBC - Bathurst.jpg
D Neilsen  C Chamberlain  D Messer.jpg
Duke Nielsen, Charlie Chamberlain & Don Messer
Don Messer.jpg
 Don Messer
george allain left.jpg
George Allain(HF), Bill Hachey, Ross Wilson
TED 8.jpg
Ted Daigle interviewing the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash.
Young Ted Daigle as a performer and DJ.
Ted & the Musicmen.jpg
Al Gain - Rheo Pilon - Gil Glazier of The Musicmen at RCA Studios in Montreal.jpg
Al Gain, Rheo Pilon, Gil Glazer of Ted Daigle's group the Music Men at RCA Montreal
Dean Hagopian & Ted -  July '62.jpg
TED 9.jpg
TED 23.jpg
TED 11.jpg
TED 18.jpg
TED 22.jpg
Ted Daigle with Dusty Owens
Ted Daigle with the Tremolos 
TED 1.jpg
CKBC, the station in Bathurt, NB where Ted Daigle started his career.
TED 24.jpg
TED 29.jpg
Ted Daigle with: The Sunny Mountain Boys (above) and The Midnighters (below)
TED 26.jpg
TED 43.jpg
TED 125.jpg
TED 44.jpg
Ted Daigle and The Musicmen.jpg
TED 42.jpg
TED 66.jpg
Ted Daigle with the one and only Loretta Lynn.   Ted Daigle (below)
TED 52.jpg
TED 59.jpg
No, Ted Daigle didn't own a hotel.  This is from a photo shoot for an album.
Ralph Henderson and Ivan Hicks at the 2022 Gala in Sussex where Ralph was inducted 
TED 64.jpg
Country legend, Charlie Pride was a fan of New Brunswick and performed here quite a number of times.    Here he is with Hall of Fame members Susan Butler and on right, Gerry Taylor.
Gerry Taylor, Brian Edwards, Susan Butler and Derek Knowles.  Brian is a performer and one of Canada's top promoters.
Claudette Norman and various family at her induction in 2018.
Claudette Norman performing with back up by fellow Hall of Fame members, Gala 2018.
2023 Inductee - Joyce Boone
performing at the
40th Anniversary Gala Concert
Gala 2023 - 40th Anniversary: Frank Hartt performing a song dedicated to members who have passed away over the years.
2023 Inductee - Tom Hoyt
performing at the
40th Anniversary Gala Concert
2023 Inductee - Wanda Grant
performing at the
40th Anniversary Gala Concert
2023 Inductee - Sam Johnston
performing at the
40th Anniversary Gala Concert
Ted Daigle early in his radio career.
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