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Inductees:  1990


Patricia "Pat" O'Hara

Patricia "Pat" O'Hara was raised in Stanley, New Brunswick but was born in Fredericton in 1948. Coming from a musical family, with dad, Leo playing the fiddle (still in competitions at age 89), it is no surprise Pat could not stand still and started tapping her feet to the music.


She started her formal dance training in her late teens, under the direction of Marlene Goodine, and continued on to become one of the Bonnie Kilburn Dancers. Pat, because of her fast and professional foot work, was given the nickname, “The Stanley Steamer” and has appeared many times on television, has won many titles for her dancing and has traveled to many country fairs with Aubrey Hanson and his troupe.


Pat was the original and regular dance with the Capital City Jamboree, which later became known as the New Brunswick Country Showcase.


You could always count on Pat to donate her time and efforts for many worthwhile organizations, such as C.N.I.B., Children’s Wish Foundation, hospital functions, flood victims and other charities.


She began teaching her trade in 1982. Her students now perform all over the province and have appeared on television, including ATV’s “Up Home Tonight”.




Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison is from Burnt Church. His mother, Violet and his father, Melvin were both musical as was his brothers and sister.


Jim began to play the fiddle sometime during the 1940’s and sometime during the 60’s Jim started a small group called the “Jim Morrison and The Valley Dance Band” and began to play for dances, reunions, banquets, etc. When the 70’s came along Jim did his first TV guest spot on the Christmas Daddies Show. Jim has been a guest on this show for the last fourteen years.


During the seventies, Jim and his band played at many places throughout New Brunswick.


In 1980's they did their first radio show for CBC called “Showcase”. In 1983 they also did a TV show for ATV-ASN out of Burnt Church and in 1985 Jim appeared on the TV show, “Up Home Tonight”.


During the 80’s the band also participated in the opening of the new paper mill in Newcastle to which 6,000 or more attended.


Jim made his first recording in 1987 called “Music From the Miramichi”. It was released in February 1988. He also recorded an album in 189 which is called “Jim Morrison – Downeast Music”.




Curtis Rogers

Curtis Rogers was born in Steeves Settlement near Petitcodiac, New Brunswick on September 21, 1918. He was playing the mouth organ at age four. He started to perform publically when he was eleven years old at the Park Hotel in Petitcodiac with a small band. They performed there for seven years and also did many weekly appearances.


In 1937 Curtis entered a contest that Hank Snow put on and won second prize by playing the banjo and mouth organ. He and Hank Snow became friends which has lasted a lifetime. He and his wife still visit at Madison on a yearly basis. In the 1940’s, Curtis did many tours around New Brunswick. Then in later years he played with the “Bunk House Boys” and in night clubs with Gerry Myers and his talented daughters.


Curtis played with the “Sussex Town and Country Band” for four years and then with “Harold O’Donnell and the Country Clover Boys” going throughout the country. He also played with “Kennebec Four” at the St. Martin’s Country Fair on different occasions.





Alfred "Al" Hooper

Alfred Hooper was born in Back Bay, New Brunswick on February 12, 1943. Al came from a musical family and picked up the guitar at an early age. He then began singing for friends and at parties. He then formed a local group and began playing for dances, jamborees and fundraisers.


In his early 20’s he moved to Ontario where he formed a new group called the “Don Valley Boys”. When this group split up, Al formed another group called the “Blue Diamond Showband”. He very rapidly gained publicity and was offered a recording contract with Allied Records. Later he recorded with Marathon Records, Condor Records and Paragon Records. Al was later signed to Dominio Records, RCA and Columbia Records. The band recorded 35 LPs and 50 singles during this period of which 13 albums and 20 singles were Al’s alone. The group was then billed as Canada’s Number One Showband, performing on radio, television and night spots.


Al participated in all places of music by owning Al Hooper Talent Agency of which he handled over 100 groups. He also owned T.W.A. Records, Win Mar Publishing and Red Dolphin Promotional Enterprises.


Al Hooper and The Blue Diamonds became one of the most successful and sought after groups in Ontario. Al now lives in New Brunswick and owns the night club and dining room called Al’s Red Lantern at Pennfield of which he still performs every Thursday night.




Steve Foote

Steve is affectionately known amongst his fans and friends as Stevedore Steve, a name he picked up while working around the waterfront docks of Saint John, New Brunswick. However, working on the docks is just one of the jobs that Steve Foote has done in the course of his many years of long and varied travels. In fact, by the time he was eighteen, Steve had already made several trips across Canada working as potato picker, lumberjack, truck driver, tobacco picker, seaman, and of course, stevedore


Steve hitch-hiked and rode the rails across Canada for over sixteen years. The experience gathered in these journeys were the basis for many of the songs that Steve would write and record in later years. He had recorded four albums and several singles. One of the songs, “Lester the Lobster” became a number one country hit across Canada. Some of Steve’s songs have made the top of the charts literally around the world.


After all the clubs, concerts and television shows, (Steve had his own year-long TV series in Toronto), Steve and his lovely wife Gini, have settled in his home town of Saint John, New Brunswick, where they have resided for the past ten years.


Steve still remains active, guesting on TV shows, concerts, etc. and is considering recording again.




Eddy Poirier

Eddy Poirier was born in Rogersville, New Brunswick in 1943. His first instrument, at the age of seven, was the violin. His father, an accomplished musician himself, as well as the whole environment, were his first teachers.


Over the years, Eddy picked up the guitar, the banjo, the accordion, the harmonica, the bass, all the instruments of country and bluegrass music.


In Toronto for awhile, he was a member of the Blue Diamonds band. He appears on two of the band’s records. In the Maritimes since 1975, he heads his own group, the Bluegrass 4. The group has already put out three records. They are favorites at the many bluegrass and country music festivals in the Maritimes. Eddy is the featured artist on nine recordings, and he plays backup on a number of others.


From 1977 to 1984 he was one of the featured musicians for a popular music show on the French CBC station in Moncton.


Eddy is a partner in a record production company where he plans to produce his own work as well as that of other Maritime artists. 1975,































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