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 Virtual Museum - Instruments

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Pedal Steel Guitar - Nigel Mullin

This Emmons push/pull pedal steel guitar is currently owned by HF member Nigel Mullin.

Fiddle - Ivan Hicks

This is the original fiddle that Ivan Hicks learned to play on.  A 1/2 size violin purchased by his dad, Curtis Hicks, who is also a Hall of Famer.

Steel Guitar - Royal Hicks

Owned by Hall of Famer, Royal Hicks.

Fiddle - Royal Hicks

Owned by Hall of Famer, Royal Hicks. This fiddle is the very one that Royal learned to play on.   

Tenor Banjo- Royal Hicks

Owned by Hall of Famer, Royal Hicks. While Royal is best known for his prowess on the fiddle, he also plays other instruments and used this banjo in a number of bands he's played in over the years.   


Hawaiian Guitar - Ivan Hicks

Owned Bessie Hicks, wife of Curtis and mother of Ivan.   Now owned by Ivan Hicks, his mother accompanied him and his father at many performances through the years playing this guitar Hawaiian Style.
Bessie is seen with this guitar in the photo to the left and also in the photo below with her, Curtis and Ivan.  

Mandolin - Ivan Hicks

Ivan's fist mandolin ($7.95) which he played at all the dances in the early years with his father Curtis (also Hall of Famer)- 1940's to early 1950's.


Double-Neck Gower Guitar - Ivan Hicks

Made in the 1950's in Nashville for guitarist Pete Wade.  It was purchased at a second hand shop by Don Millard, a guitarist from Tatamagouche, NS who later sold it to Ivan.  Ivan played this guitar during the 1970's and 80's as a member of the Marshwinds dance band.

sam Aucoin Falawka Guitar.jpg
Ted with his favorite guitar..jpg

Fender Stratocaster Acoustasonic Series Guitar - Brenda Best

This solid body Fender Guitar is owned and played by Brenda Best.  She performed with is at the 2015 Gala Concert when she was inducted into the NB Country Music Hall of Fame. 

Fulawka Steel Guitar  - Sam Aucoin

Pedal steel guitar made by Fulawka that is owned and played by Sam Aucoin. 

Acoustic Guitars  - Ted Daigle

Pictured is Ted with his first guitar as a youngster, a J45 model.  Pictured left is Ted with his favourite guitar.

Ted with first Guitar, a J45. A graduation present.jpg
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