Stage Wear

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Black Fringed Velvet Dress - Brenda Best

Worn by Brenda Best at the 2015 Gala Concert.  .


Gold Designer Gown -
Brenda Best

This gold designer gown features sequins and beaded collar. Brenda wore this stunning gown for her induction into the NB Country Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

Gold Peacock Shoes - Brenda Best

Shoes highlighted by a peacock feather and 4" heels.  Worn by Brenda Best at the 2015 Gala event during her induction.  Also seen in the gown photo above.


Cowboy Boots - Brenda Best

These pink and black boots were custom made and feature genuine Swarovski crystals.   Brenda has worn these boots for over 2000 performances throughout Nashville,Tennessee.


Stage Outfits -
Ivan Hicks

Here we have a selection of stage outfits that Ivan has worn in concerts through the years from the 60's into the 80's.   
Also included is an official NB Country Music Hall of Fame jacket owned by Ivan that features our early logo.